Bay of Islands –  Mighty Giants and Tiny Dwarfs

During this tour you will experience an encounter with mighty prehistoric giants that only a couple of centuries ago dominated the vast forests of the North Island of New Zealand. You will see amazing Kauri – our bewitching giants. 

Manganangina Kauri

Manganangina Kauri

Unfortunately, very few of them remain and their future is still uncertain despite all the efforts of the state and New Zealanders …

Kauri Tree, Bay of Islands  Kauri Tree, Bay of Islands  Kauri Tree, Bay of Islands  Kauri & Bania Trees, Bay of Islands

If Kauri were mighty lords of the forests the second highlight of our tour are tiny and defenseless glow warms which bring to the darkness of the underground caves a mysterious bluish glow of an endless starry sky…

Glow warms Cave, Bay of Islands

Glow warms Cave, Bay of Islands

 And of course, the scenery and historical sites in the famous Bay of Islands will complete our harmonious tour turning it into the first step towards your love of this beautiful part of our planet … 

Cruise Ship in Bay of Islands


o    A Glimpse of Paihia

o    Kawiti Glowworm Caves – home to thousands of luminous glow worms, breath taking rock formations and lush green rainforest

o    Kawakawa’s Hundertwasser Toilets – an international work of art[1] and a tourist attraction in its own right

o    Te Waimate Mission House – New Zealand’s second oldest building, Te Waimate Mission, preserves missionary, farming and architectural history, as well as stories of important early encounters between Māori and Europeans

o    Manginangina Kauri Walk in Puketi Forest – This short boardwalk is one of Northland’s icon sites providing an outstanding experience…

Lookout in Bay of Islands


PRICING (excludes entry fees. Kawiti Caves NZD 20 pp):
Adult (Age 18 to 64)      NZD 170.00/USD 120.00  Per Person (Minimum 2 Adults)
Child (Age 7 to 14)        NZD 100.00/USD 70.00    Per Child ( With 2 Adults/Seniors)
Senior (Age 65+)          NZD 150.00/USD 105.00   Per Person (Minimum 2 Adults/Seniors)


The Tour Car

The Tour Car



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